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My Story

While attending Howard University, I embarked on a journey of self discovery, which fueled my desire to create something in my likeness—a brand catered to uplifting my own and unveiling my truth through clothing.

There is something about black people. We create and inspire thoughts and concepts that are the seeds of life. Our style and passion is what drives the inspiration for those who can’t help but to follow. Vantage Black was birthed from the advantage that is blackness, as it is the vantage point for all other derivations of creation.

Each piece is dedicated to black women's natural hair journeys because I have so much love for us and every strand that builds our crowns. Through my drawings, I plan to capture every stage in its glory. 

I hope that through my brand you realize the beauty that is you and all that you naturally create.

Vantage Black Diamond Coles

The beautiful thing about us is that we have the advantage, they need some point of reference.